Our members come from a wide range of collegiate chatpers. Below is a list of just some of the college and universites where our members started their lifetime journey with Theta:

Alpha Phi | Tulane University
Beta Rho | Duke University
Beta Zeta | Oklahoma State
Gamma Rho | UC Santa Barbara
Gamma Zeta | University of Connecticut
Epsilon Lambda | Dickinson College
Eplsilon Xi | Villanova
Epsilon Pi | Bucknell University
Epsilon Rho | Lehigh University
Epsilon Tau | Yale University
Zeta Zeta | Colgate University
Zeta Iota | Washington & Lee University
Mu | Allegheny College
Xi | Wesleyan University
Chi | Syracuse University


Hannah Fitch Shaw, one of the founders, wrote in a college essay "On Choosing an Occupation" ca. 1871:

When women have the courage to choose congenial occupations in which by proper application they may achieve honor and success, then will they attain their greatest influence and whether in the law office, at the merchants counter, in the school room, with sculptor's chisel or painter's brush, or engaged in the daily routine of home duties we shall everywhere find them cheerful and contented, and accomplishing the great work of life.

Over the years, our members followed the advice given by Hannah Fitch Shaw and have chosen "the great work of life." We take this opportunity to recognize some of our more "notable" members who are recognized for their contributions to their profession or to the larger community.

We present some of our most notable members.

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